The model »What Can Business Learn from the Arts« explains the function of art and the desirable effect it can have on your company, its organization, clients, and partners.

We cater primarily to corporations, businesses and firms. The corporate world requires the substance and identity it receives from art to further develop a targeted corporate culture*, to arouse the desire to succeed in unchartered territory and liberate a wealth of creative aptitudes.

Art is by its very essence a direct communication. As a company, one must have a clear-cut idea about what art can and should communicate and as importantly what effects this communication will bring about.

* Inspiration comes from Edgar H. Schein's model about organizational culture in companies. Culture understood as an integrating mechanism that binds the organization together. The organizational culture is interwoven throughout the organization and permeates the way its members »perceive, think and feel« (Edgar H. Schein, Organisationskultur og ledelse, Forlaget Valmuen, 1994).

Inspiration is drawn from Schein's model about organisational culture in companies. Culture, understood as an integration mechanism that binds the organisation together. The organisational culture is woven throughout the whole organisation and permeates its members' way of "perceiving, thinking and feeling" (Schein, 1986).